SPA Midterm Meeting - 2022

Jan Willem Coenen (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH)

SPA Midterm Meeting

Discussion of Status of individual Deliverables


SPA Midterm Meeting

Meeting-ID: 812 1955 9737
Code: 039381

    • 10:00 10:15
      Introduction: Jan W. Coenen
      • 10:00
        SPA - Update - J. Coenen 15m
    • 10:15 11:15
      Multiple Speakers: SPA 1


      • 10:15
        D001 M.Wirtz 15m

        Damage threshold for different W materials at varying loading conditions in matrix form
        & Understanding the damage mechanisms and changes in material properties, influence of / changes in the retention behavior (FZJ)

      • 10:30
        D003 D.Allegre 15m

        Qualification of OLMAT as HHF facility in comparison with QSPA and GLADIS (CIEMAT)

      • 10:45
        D004 H.Greuner 15m

        Qualification of W-Heavy Alloys for use in W7-X in conjunction with test on new tungsten mock-ups (WP MAT) and PFUs for WEST (WP TE) (MPG)

      • 11:00
        D005 V.Makhlai 15m

        Qualification of current baseline materials under transient (HHF plasma load with QSPA) and steady state loading (PSI-2, JUDITH) (KIPT)

    • 11:15 11:25
      Coffee / Physio Break
    • 11:25 11:40
      Multiple Speakers: SPA 2


      • 11:25
        D002 M.Balden / H.Greuner 15m

        Pre- and post characterization of samples (MPG)

    • 11:40 13:10
      Multiple Speakers: SPA 3


      • 11:40
        D001 Pawel.Bittner / A.Litnovsky & J.W.Coenen 15m

        Analysis of Material behavior e.g. (Wf/W) under Plasma and heat loading regarding mechanical properties e.g. cracking, embrittlement, and microstructure. Link to SP A4 (FZJ)

      • 11:55
        D002 J.Riesch, H.Greuner 15m

        Performance of advanced materials under high heat loads and their microstructural characterization (MPG)

      • 12:10
        D003 D.Terentyev 15m

        Results from tests of small-scale samples of W and other advanced materials and components (LPP-ERM/KMS)

      • 12:25
        D004, V.Makhlai 15m

        Investigation of advanced materials under ELM-like/disruption transient loading and subsequent analysis (KIPT)

      • 12:40
        D005 Y. Mao 15m

        Exposure of advanced materials in Magnum-PSI and subsequent analysis including thermal shock response of CVD-W to pulsed plasma (DIFFER)

      • 12:55
        D006 J.Riesch 15m

        Effect of energetic ion irradiation on the strength of W wire (MPG)

    • 13:10 13:40
      Coffee / Physio Break: LUNCH
    • 13:40 14:55
      Multiple Speakers: SPA 4


      • 13:40
        D001 M.Richou 15m

        Assessment of hydrogen impact on material properties linked to ITER relevant PFUs (CEA)

      • 13:55
        D002 W.Pantleon 15m

        Annealing of chosen tungsten-based materials and quantification of recrystallization kinetics (DTU)

      • 14:10
        D003 S.Ratynskaia 15m

        Development and validation of the MEMOS-U code (link with WP TE – WEST/AUG) (VR)

      • 14:25
        D005 V.Makhlai 15m

        Influence of plasma pre irradiation with heat loads near surface recrystallization on surface damaging with heat loads above the melting threshold (KIPT)

      • 14:40
        D006 M.Rasinski 15m

        Analysis for PSI-2 exposed materials, focusing on recrystallization (FZJ)

    • 14:55 15:15
      General Dicussion, AOB: Dicussion / Any Other Business